Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vanity Table

I am always putting my photos in backwards..This one shows the top to the right, this will have the beveled mirror with hinges to lift up. (of course I now have TV for me to watch while in the hot I don't miss anything, lol

The next four photos is the process my dh has done so far, now that he has to work the next 3 Sat if won't be finished for a bit. I need a vanity table..I saw one like this done at the home where my oldest son had gotten married in 2005, he ex hubby had done this to hers..and it looked great. I am having trouble putting on my makeup and standing for long period of I really needed this..this will be in my master bedroom..I tried to help sand but with my nerve damage to my palms and tendentious on my thumbs on both hands, I just can't hold anything for a long would all sanded by now..but not saying now I will go out there and try again..I can not wait till it is done..there will two shelves inside, so should hold most of my makeup and some other It has 4 small long drawers, can't put much into them..but I probably will keep my things I have in them now.

The inside of the table. You can see there are handle but for decorative look..we will use them again.

Another view of the shelves.

Another view.

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