Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pretty mug from sister and her dh and makings of my purse

My youngest sister's dh works at a company called "Tervis" I think it is the name, got this on my birthday..and just loved it..mine came with a handle and is the only one that does, it is a 22 or 24 oz mug..hold two diet root beer I have it with me wherever I go can wash it in the dishwasher and you can use it the microwave but this one does not fit into mine..thank you both and I know they are you two..Lorraine

This mess is my fabric cut up to make a petite purse for the tea party shower..boy am I ever going to be but having fun..and I do not think it will be in bad taste either..If I want to tone it down a bit I will wear a black over blouse..I am having a lot of fun doing this..hope others are too..Well this is it for now..hope I did not forget anything else..if I did guys remind me and it will have to wait for the next time..being on the computer just kills my and hugs, Lorraine

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