Monday, October 31, 2011

Qults mom made and a quilt I will make for great nephew

My mom made this as a surprise for me in May of 2009..I have not used it yet as not sure if I wanted to give to my first granddaughter as I have another one made for her but not the 3 princess one.. this is a close up..I had asked her when she showed me when she had it basted, boy I was surprised..and chose a metallic gold thread she quilted by hand and she did have trouble but I think she did great..I love my quilt!! Also been saving up anything and everything to do with the 3 Princesses but mostly Cinderella when I can just find the little girl in me.

Here it is finished..May 10, 2009..from my mom to me..

I did buy fabric for my first granddaughters quilt in 2008 when mom was busy making the "Dutch Girl" and she did not want anything to do with Sue Bonnet Sue..I had some really old quilting books and also looked online and she wanted this one..called "The Dutch Girl" I also bought extras so she could make it larger for a twin bed for those colder is a bit different that the others..I bought most of the fabrics for the quilts mom made..not any more..she still has Jensen and Jason's to make..she's been waiting for me to fix her machine but I haven't because she get weak but I think I will now as she does need to do something.. Sorry the photos are from me hanging them on my designing wall in Studio 2 and it was hard with back and knee problems but could not get dh to help me last night..but no matter how it hangs it is beautiful..I will give it to Sophie when she is ready to go into her is wrapped properly and in my closet.

Here is the full quilt hanging the best I could on my own..if dh is willing to help I can remove this one later on and put up a better one, but I do not think it is you can see the beauty of it..just click on all the photos to make it quilts her quilts by hand and appliques the blanket stitch around every piece of the Dutch Girl.

I am going to make this quilt for great nephew who is due in March of next year... would have loved to have made it for Sophie but they had that room the way they wanted it and nothing I did not bother too..yes I bought the slashing fabric the rest I will use my tons of fabrics that I have already..It is from Ruth Blanchet's site Arbee's Designs by a designer name Jennifer Houlden. I will make it to fit a twin size bed also so will make it to accommodate the size..Another beauty..hugs and have a nice week..Lorraine

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