Friday, November 18, 2011

TuTu spends day with Lil Sophie Sue

Sophie was so wide awake so mommy decided to give her a bath, first she had her fingernails clipped..can you believe it they have lights on the nail clippers..would have been nice when mine were little..Isn't she a cutie pie..I crop this one..
After her bath and close up

Mommy got her all dressed up after her bath..she doesn't like her hair and face washed, mine did not

Mommy holding Sophie while she is sleeping..

Just want you all to know I drove myself there all by myself..I was so proud and knew I could do it I can new car is not like the Lumina-sp, this one when you take your foot off the pedal it slows down where as with the Lumina the speed stayed the I was a little nervous about that but otherwise..did great...

Have a great day and a great weekend..I am going to start cooking for Thanksgiving and put in the freezer, as I can't do it in one day anymore..too much for my bod to deal with..We will spend it with Terrance, Kim and Lil Sophie Sue..Mom and Mike just getting over what they think was the flu will not come..afraid for our little one..which is fine with me..but won't be the same..

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