Friday, November 11, 2011

What's in the horizon for me

I love this little bag, only one skein and have a whole book of different styles to you all can guess I love purses..I have many I have paid a pretty penny for but hardly use them, made a bunch of felted bags a few years ago but never kept one for far I have knitted 5 and one almost done...none of them have been felted..what I like about the one skein bags, they do not have to be felted..once you are done knitting them you can use them right away..I am hoping to sell a couple..

New pattern from Ruth Blanchet..she will have a class on it so I know I will sign up for these..These bargellos looks wonderful on a wall..have to make

This is Mary's my twins purse I am doing right now...should have been done with it, but being an artist and such, when it comes to orange...I am not a happy camper working with this color..I added pumpkin fun fur to help it along for this is the first one I had to start from the top and knit to the bottom..will have it done by next week sometime..the other purses are all in a washing bag ready to be felted..

Oh how I want to stop every thing I am working on and make this cute dragon...for who, I have the foggiest idea but maybe I will wear isn't it darling..

Right now after taken a really bad fall the other night..on my knees first, than my chest and my face in the ground..I tripped over my black wrought iron flamingo that had fallen and did not see it, it scraped my ankle up my cafe pretty good..I did not get up as I was waiting for dh to help me up but he did not..and those awful pit bulls were growling and barking and I just know one day they are going to be in my yard chewing me I got up as fast as I could..the pain started right away from my chest in front and was going to my back and up my shoulders..and it hurt so bad I did cry for little bit..I have never had heart burn really bad but I thought is was that and realized it was not..I thought I broke a few ribs..but I did not..had a hard time breathing..took my pressure and it was 220/110 and I should have went to emergency but dh would not take I am still suffering with the shoulder pain..from my chest but not as bad..haven't done anything but knit here and there..When my Dr's office the next day to give me a date for a referral to another dr..I told the nurse what was going on and she told me that I should have gone in to emergency with my pressure that high...we are worried about my pressure as it has been running high, both Dr Floyd and my heart specialist, Dr Gordon..but that is my dh..

So today or what is left I would love to change what I am doing and do something else...but gotta finish what I have think, I have a baby diaper stacker to finish, about an hour left, my sister's orange bag, cut up more appliques for Lil Liam's quilt, make a fb post card that I am really late but she gave me more time..that will be the first thing I will do..I need to make my Christmas placemats and napkins before the holiday is here and that is a lot but as far as the time to do them is not bad..if I could just work like I did many years fact I take a look at this blog and see some of the stuff I have made and really can not believe I made them..I told myself not to go there, sounds like a person losing one's confidence..and I don't want to do that..where is my muse, lol lol have a great day all and weekend..dh just came home from having his gums and bones on the bottom scraped and cut to fit dentures in Jan..yuck..we both will be in bed soon..I take my nap about or between 1-3pm in the afternoon..hugs, Lorraine

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