Saturday, September 27, 2008

My New computer is needing a part

Since I am on dh computer, he has no software to edit a photo..I have quite a few photos on my digital camera, but we will have to wait for Tuesday for the new video computer is only a little over 3 weeks old..first the mouse went and they sent that and now this..I told my dh that I wanted to take it back and get a new but he won't..He has the exact computer I I told if something happens to mine again, I was downloading everything that is in mine here..he is not happy about it..all he has to do is take it back by the 2nd of October, it will have been a month..
Last night I found a wonderful Autumn pattern for place mats and that is what I have been doing since about 1pm today..First thing I did was finish putting the corner fans on the Christmas quilt with the middle now it is in the pile of the other 10 quilts that needs to be but I will use my Janome for soon as I can get on it to learn it..nope haven't been but will this coming week..
I am almost done with the top part of the place mats..I did not make enough checkerboard for the borders so that was disappointed that I had to cut more strips and redo those but now I have to do is sew the tops and bottoms on 4 of the place mats...I am making 5 as Mom is always here for dinners and we always have only 4..for sure there won't be an addition in the family anytime soon it will do...I than iron on he leaves on one corner and I will sating stitch that on..than comes the batting and back, which I will use some novelty print of leaves and fall it can be reversible..I will use a leaf pattern to quilt the place mats...just taking a break for now.
I will add these photos as soon as I can..I like it a lot..for the pieces in the middle I had two prints with wheat on them and used them...
Have a great Sunday..hugs, Lorraine

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