Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Video Card has not arrived yet

My video card has not arrive and for the first heard from them today, saying sorry that they haven't met the delivery date and will try there best..but guess what, I bought my computer a month tomorrow so now I can not take it in if this video card does not work but have someone fix it..this is so unfair..
Still viewing from dh computer at least once a day as I said it is DANGER ZONE in here, he has junk all over and can hardly move..and I really hate to have too in case I hurt
What have I been working you asked, lol..well, my place mat are done but the binding and I will post photos of how I machine quilt it with a different approach, no marking on the quilt you will have to wait and hopefully I will get my video card tomorrow even if I do not have a delivery date..There no date by this entry by the way, so they are having troubles probably getting it...
Most of my supplies have arrived, you guess it every time the door bell rings I think it is my card...but not...
I will take a photo of few of the things I have bought, for one a new book..and dh has an interest in it too..but in time..when I get my computer fixed, you all will have view a few have a new class this weekend..and can't wait to see if it something I will do...will tell more later..just wanted to keep you all informed on whats going on...
Oh I tore my closed full of fabrics only apart and cleaned it out...took off and on about 9 hours..well, I was actually looking a piece of fabric to go on one of the place mat as I only had enough of the other two for 4...never did find it..but in a scrap bag found a scrap of it so must have used it all but at least it cleaned...and neat I have 15-2 gallon bags of scrap fabric..I do not throw anything out..since I have an embellisher I can use a lot of that on my machine..and also I do a lot of confetti for my lacy looks and once in awhile I will chopped up fabric with my rotary cutter so I will have it on hand..
I have done any of the classes, just haven't felt like it...not even Bargellos Blues...oh well, I think i need a break..
Oh I found my Celtic Table runner I was making in Nancy Chong's class and I was so thrilled and also found my tulip hand quilting from Nyla's now I have something to work on after I bind the 5 place mats...hoping to get them down tomorrow...going to watch a few DVD if I do not forget to ask dh to show me how to use it, yes I do not know I am not much on a TV but when doing something by hand and do not want my mind to wander I will watch TV..some times it can be depressing, my thinking anyway...not all the time but with family problems happening around here and outta state... I have the tendency to worry...
Have a great day tomorrow and keep fingers cross that I get that video card...hugs, Lorraine
thank you for viewing my blog..

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