Friday, October 3, 2008

My Autumn Place Matt and using a different way to machine quilt

Here is the finished place mat. I did five of them and I just love them. I am going to work on some for the Christmas to go with my Christmas fan quilt. They will be holly leaves.
This shows the machine quilting I did with copper metallic thread.
This is when I added the recipe and the batting and backing to the top.
This is the different way to machine quilt...using was so easy and taking it off was a tears so easy. I am so glad I have a blot of this stuff...I was going to work on my Pacific Aquarium class making the seaweed and got out the solvy and read how you can machine quilt with it and you all know me, I will try anything for the first
Her is the leaves draw onto the solvy and this was simple too. I do hope some of you will try it..It is to me so much better than worrying about if the markings will come off. It might be on the high side of the dollar sign but I think it is worth it.
I am still on my dh computer..
I called yesterday to see why I haven't received my video card...first there was Anne, than Alice and then Sandra...well this is what Sandra in the shipping dept told me..First she asked when do I need it and told her tonight, because it was the last day I could return my computer..than she proceeds to tell me that they are back ordered till the 9th of October but I will might receive my video card Friday or Monday...I asked twice how can I receive it when it is back ordered on the 9th..she repeated that I would received on either one of these days..I think she just said this or she knew something I did not know..I time it and have put all the person names I have talked to even on the phone the first time as I am prorated the time of my buying this computer and if it does not work with the new card I will take it back..Sandra also assured me that they will do anything they have to get my computer to work..told her that is not why I bought a computer..for it to break and you have to fix it all the time..first the mouse and now the video card...oh well, I am OK with it now as I can not do anything till I receive my card..dh has added my old program for photos in his computer, my camera and my web cam so sissy and I can chat and look what each other is working on...boy I have missed it..I have missed blogging and hope I have not lose anyone because of it.
I have signed up for EQ6 Sampler class and have not been able to play with I may have to cancel that and take it next year...I really hate to as I wanted to play with it during the winter months too..I have about 3 classes that I have not been able to do anything as I was going to use this with these classes, so that puts me behind..oh well, that is what is nice about taking online classes, I can do them later with the help of the teacher too..hugs to all and thank you for viewing my blog. Lorraine

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