Monday, October 13, 2008

Setting of dinning room table-chat

I finally got to set up my dinning room table for Mom's birthday with my new place mats and she even had her own too. I always have 4 and have to find her one but made one for her too.
Every one just loved it..conversation piece with the recipe on it..something to read while you
I took the sewing machine off and not sure I want to put it back on as it looks so nice to walk into the dinning room and see a pretty setting going on.
Mom's birthday is on Tuesday so we decided to get together last night as Tuesday is a working day and so in Wednesday.
I started out at 430 in the morning, could not sleep but 4 hours, so I cut my Korean spareribs in 3...and brown all the sides. Then I put them in the crock pot with my BBQ sauce and cooked them till 1130 and put it the refrigerator..till I came back from shopping..and put them back in the crock pot..ohhhhhhhh they were good. Along with these ribs we had Fried Rice. A lot of preparations but always worth it. I also made a cake and brownies in the morning. It was a wonderful night..
I did not get any photos and actually was so tired that I did not even think about taking probably would have gotten mad if I took some of her and it was her day...I did not get her anything as I just did not know what she wanted and when she lets me know I will buy it.
Today I am not sure what I want to do..I want to read all the magazines I have bought over the last two weeks relax but know it is not going to happen I might go ahead and start my place mats for Christmas..and also start needle applique by hand on my tulips so I can hand quilt it..I haven't done this for over 3 years and since then I have develop nerve damage in my palms, so I am hoping I can and will do the best I can to hand think I have an embroider class coming in 2 weeks..6 weeks long too. If sis wants it I will buy it for her too.

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