Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two Classes at QU

This is a class taught by Nyla Morrison called Fingers of Fire Tree Skirt. I am taking this class as I enjoyed Fancy That so much and I also need a new three skirt..I of course will make mine in Christmas colors.

These are photos of Fran Gonzales's class EQ6 Sampler..this is the first of the series of what she has for EQ6, she has 3 that I know of. I look at these photos and think, am I able to do this? lol

I had a misunderstanding of why I could not put my blog on forums..Carol has explained to me what can happen so it has to be an inactive link and I do but I forget a lot of times but will try and be a good girl at it..not sure about those are active I would think too..I asked her about that as I am going to try it again with a website..I never give
I have done only hand applique this week, trying to get them ready for hand quilting. I am on the last third of my Celtic table runner. should be done with it in a few days if I do not go anywhere..which I might my chair comes in and want to take my new machine, not my Janome, lol, but the newer have it fix..something happened and I do not know, but the needle goes all the way down to the bobbin case. I told dh all I did was turn the knob when I hit the thick area of fabrics by hand and than it started to do that, it is under warranty...I wish so hard that I do not have any problems with any more machines, or I am going to chuck them out the just kidding..but sometimes I could...

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