Thursday, October 30, 2008

Classes in spiral blinders-new chair and lamp

Here is my new chair and lamp, both are Thomasville and maybe more money that what you would pay for but worth it for me...the lamp was very expensive but if you look at it, it can move from one chair to the other without moving it around from the bottom..Has a high and low light switch..It is very heavy..My chair is a recliner and love it for relaxing from working with the other chair...and of course my laptop caddy...perfect place to enjoy doing what I enjoy doing, quilting.
Just the chair and laptop caddy up close.

The upper black spiral binders are what I have done plus about 20 on the second shelf....I would not do any quilting and or come online till I was done doing this task..The tool for pushing down and making the holes in the paper was tough but got it all done. I had classes to bind for the last 2 and half years..whew..glad this is also took up spaces on my shelf that I wanted back..for more

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