Monday, October 20, 2008

My Hand Quilting and Laptop table and pin cushion from Sis

This is what I have done so far. I first started out with that poke down and up from the back and than got those slanted threads in the back..but the front was great..I did this last time I took this class and forgot what it does on the back. but than did it the way I was suppose and pretty soon I got the hand of it..but knew when palms where tired, especially the left one..I would go but I did not take it out as it is going to be a reminder..I did get a lot better and every time I would do good stitching I was besides
This is the best I could do for the backing, it just did not want to photo very well, but if you look closer, by clicking and getting a larger photo, you can see the slanting stitches and my better ones..boy do I have a long way to it is relaxing once you stop biting you lip or holding your
This is my laptop table that I bought and lay my hoop on it for has saved my a lot more pain in my hands..I can still have my left hand under to feel the needle and my main hand on top. It has wheels so I can go from my sitting chair to recliner and it works wonderfully. I bought is at Walgreen's for $24.99...worth every penny of it...dh uses a laptop so when I bought it he reminded me what it was and told him I did not care because I knew it was going to be great for hand applique and quilting and if it did not work, he would have a Laptop
It measures, 28 tall, 16 inches deep and 24 inches wide..and it rolls, oh sorry, I told you that already, this to me makes the It fits under my chair and recliner so I can bring it in closer too.

Another tool that sissy, Mary Adkins, made me it is a finger pin cushion and boy it sure comes in handy when I am hand appliqueing to put the needles that are no longer needed when finishing appliqueing an is made from a bottle has to be a certain size one, I believe from a water bottle..I hope she makes me a couple more..thank you it..Have a great day all, today I will finished up Ruth's lesson and put that in this evening or tomorrow morning..I have decided that I can hand quilt every other day..or I won't be able to use my hands for a bit..hugs, Lorraine

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