Thursday, October 30, 2008

Celtic table runner-book-chat

New book I received about 2 weeks ago and had not had a chance to put it in my blog. So far I have just glanced at it and so did my dh so I think this book is going to a very used book. Digital Essentails written by Gloria Hansen.
Above is a close up of my Celtic Runner Table Runner, a class taught by Nancy Chong. I blieve there is one coming up this Friday at QU. Below is what it looks like completed with all the appliqueing done. I am going to hand quilting on this piece first, reason I went ahead and finished it even if I had the tuplips and bread fruit ready...
I am suppose to go and pick up my sunglasses this Sat but dh has to work. It has been ready for almost two months..I off course did this on purpose to see they would call..I for sure am not in a hurry for them as I do not go I called yesterday and the receptionist is no longer there and Mrs. Reed and I had a long talk about her..she was responsible for a lot of the orders on my glasses that is why they always had to go back in...anyway I will call tomorrow to see how I can get in there and pick them up and make sure they fit properly...we have been in and out since Dec of last year....
My video card has not come in and no word or email either..we are going to take it back I guess Sunday I am not sure least they are open in the evenings..but I can not wait forever for customer support who is not supporting hopefully in the horizon something good will come out of this mess.
Dishwasher is broke so we are looking around and boy the prices sure went up and all the do dads they have one them is one reason..I just one that will wash and dry them..I have not been without one since 79 and won't stop we are trying to find one without all that new stuff..more than likely a Kenmore...we have one now..the replaceable part is going to cost $200 so we might as well put in another couple of hundred and get a new one.
Tonight I will relax and do nothing else..Hope every one has a Happy Halloween. this is my least of

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