Saturday, November 1, 2008

EQ6 Sampler lesson 2-Video Card-Hewett Packer HP

These are the two projects we worked on in lesson two...Fran gives great when I kept on making some mistakes, I though it was my computer only to find out it was me..I did the top one 3 times..before realizing what I was doing wrong..but at least I found it myself..I love this and it is fun
Chat: Hewett Packer has not sent my video card yet, so dh called them today and let me tell you all , we have date of Nov dh got so mad and told them what are they trying to do here and why the part has not come in..Than they told my dh to take it back to the store... He wanted to speak to someone else higher than this person and he got a lot of excuses and no phone number..they are beginning to sound like other discount stores that does the same thing..I will find out some how or another...but the best I can do is added to my blog and let others know how they do their customers..Than my dh called Best Buy and guess what, they would NOT have helped me only have 14 days to return something that is broken or does not work..after that you have to go the computer broke 2 and half weeks after we had now what are going to do..we have to buy one video card our shelves after purchasing a $1,000 dollar computer...This is not right!!!

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