Friday, November 7, 2008

Finished Christmas Table Runner

The first photo is a little bit was hard trying to get a really large photo of the table runner..maybe if you click on it, it might not sure..the second photo is the whole table runner..It is really pretty..took long enough to do the binding..
Received two video cards and it still does not work for me to use it..dh did get to to run it long enough to do a diagnostic check and it says the memory chip is I wish it would make its mine up..anyway it is going to Best Buy tomorrow..
My dishwasher is still in the middle of living room....kinda hard to walk around...
I am now working on the large Fancy That Christmas quilt with the scene in the middle..I could have done it instead of the binding but had to think on how I am going to machine quilt it..I do not want that much stitching showing on the green where it might take away from the quilt pattern decided today to do an echo around the wedges in the middle and corners..and probably put some sort of design in the middle of the sides where there will be more green hopefully I can have most of it done tomorrow...You all have a great weekend..I know I am going to try...

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