Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holly Leaf quilt finished in the middle with Ruth Blanchet

I could not sleep last night so I finished my Holly Leaf quilt middle section. I use some trim I have had for over 8 years on the edges of my bows..looks like some I have in my drawer stash of ribbons...I used Angelina fibers with red tulle for the red balls. Than I couched red candlelight as the outline of the balls. It was so much fun to do and it is so sparkly and pretty.
A closeup of the trim and Angelina fibers, red splash, with red tulle and the trim I used around the bow..
Last night my dryer make such a racket and than did not work. Dh turned the circuit breaker off and turn it off again..it has some sort of protection thing on it..It came back on and still made the racket..So he did some turning on the wheel and it worked..I was going to wash a couple more loads today but will wait till he comes home just in case..I can wait for the year 2009 to roll in..It has been on large roller coaster ride for us this year...Have a great evening, hugs, Lorraine

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