Thursday, November 6, 2008

Machine quilting Ripless Christmas Tree Skirt

The above it s a close up to my machine quilting. I did it freehand as I wanted a curly or swirly look and it did not if it all matches...I like it better than if it did. Anyway did not fill like drawing the pattern..I used YLI gold metallic thread with Bottom line green for the bobbin.. I will be doing the border the same way.
This show the half way mark. I have a puddle of fabric in my lap..yucky to work with..but I am managing. It is so pretty with the really does not show up in either of these photos..I love to do this. This is the first for me in machine quilting a table runner. it is 72 inches long..for my side board..I might do the same thing with the wall quilt..I love the
My dh found somewhere to email HP..he got a message saying that for sure I will receive the digital card yesterday, well it did not show now I know they just tell customers what they want to hear...dh wrote him again last night. but he is going to send me the URL so I can post it every where they, people can read all the complaints about this company, Hewett Packer...enough..dh will take it to best buy this weekend..he is working late again and no time to bring it in..about a 40 minute drive for us..maybe tonight..but doubt it..
I order a bendable light for my machine so I can do away with all the lights around me...I hope anyway.. Have a wonder afternoon, every one, hugs, Lorraine


jac said...

Lorraine, I've had such good luck with sorry you are having such a bad time.

I love all your Christmas quilts you are making. We are 'snowbirds' for the first time and I feel frustrated not to being able to do all the Christmas things that I want to do. I am getting ready to do some Christmas postcards. I have a little lightweight Brother machine that really does works ok for little things. I really miss my janome 6500.

Keep up the good work...........jac

Mary said...

Hi sis, had to sign in googles so I can write in anywy your work is outstanding and so beautiful...just remember to takes break for your hands ok sis, wonderful job and love everything!!!Mary

LorraineS said...

Jac, I am not saying their product is bad, just their customer service. I am on my dh computer and it works wonderful, I think I had a lemon..but hopefully every thing will look up when we take it to Best Buy and see what they can do for me..
So where did you move to in My bil also has become snowbirds..I do not care too..I love it here in Memphis, I can get hot or cold up in other words, the 4 seasons..But we have been known to have Christmas a few times at 70-80 degrees
So your Brother does not do large quilts? does it have feed dogs that can go down?
I have finally finished machine quilting my tree runner..took me 2 days..but had to rest my hands a lot. whew!! now I will add the binding and bind it in the evenings..or I just might give it a shot at sewing it in hopes that both sides come out.
Sis I am so glad you are posting here..I was wondering how long it would take to get you back..I love comments just as much as the next person. My hands are a lot better, did notice it does not hurt as bad with maching quilting as it does satin stitching..why I do not know. Sis, now you can get a blog and put you pretty stuff online too..lots of hugs to both of you..Lorraine

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