Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am busy but nothing right now to show and chat

I wanted to let you all know that I am still kicking it
I have been busy pinning, basting and machine quilting..I am not down to 5 quilts to be machine quilting..than we have that binding..oh this takes time..if any of you have a easier way to do this by hand let me not by machine it looks ugly in the back.
I have finished one winter bargello without the fractures, this I will send to sis..I added snowflakes with the cross and x' the an easy one..
Than I traces some beautiful snowflakes for my winter fractured bargello and now it is ready to sew, binding.. I also did the case I do not get back to the others, my spring can go up when it is spring time..need to sew the binding that is now I have two to sit and watch TV and bind away.
I am now machine quilting my oriental baby faces from Karen Combs Treasure Boxes I did about 4 years ago..I am stitching in the ditch, well not exactly..about 1/8 of inch away from that and it has taken me a very long it is patchwork..gee I did not remember doing patchwork but guess I did, not the greatest as the lines do not match in every square and I am not going to point them out to you, lol
I am still waiting for my computer..took it in 2 weeks ago Sat..called Sunday and they said I lot of spy ware and could cause some how did I get that much spy ware when I only used my computer for two weeks..he mentioned Trojan horse and etc..I want you all know this is not covered in the warranty and we have to pay #130.. my dh said yes to do it so I have a great working computer..well, called Monday they were still scanning..called Wed and they had been scanning..and was at 18 percent..they are doing all types of scanning and getting what guarantee do I get that it does not come back..oh well, just want my computer back..
A Grant I applied for:
I applied and payed to get a grant. I talk to the person for a long while yesterday...I paid $69.99 for this..well what I want to do is build a building for my studio in the back of my I am not using up a lot of the rooms here..and do not know where my son will end up..still no job.
I told them I would need some help in setting it up and doing a 5 year plan..well. after she took all my finances and personal info and making sure I have never applied for a grant...she told it would cost me $4,300-$8,300 and it all depends on what I do..I would need to spend 5-10 hours a day by myself doing a plan..than get their advice and need I tell you all, I am still not approved for the grant but would guarantee if accepted to even do any of this..Now we do not have credit cards, they are paid off and yes we still have a couple each...I told I do not have that kind of money and did not know if I wanted to put it up till I see a guarantee first before I do..well I could not get one..and she also said they take credit cards...I just came out and told I will not use my credits cards as we got rid of them so I would not have during our retirements in about 5 years.. She tried again and told her no..and than she, than this program is not for you..and I said, you are damn right and too bad I had to pay to find out about fair warning to all..I bought that book that is advertised about 20 years ago and it did not help us at that time either..and I know I won't bother with it a grant is suppose to free and it is but no one told me I had to pay to get it!!
I did get a new dryer..but guess what, the door on the dryer is so large we can not open it with our bifo doors..boy that door is huge, you have an inch on each now I wash on Fridays and take the door down and put it back up when I am done washing, till I figure out what to do..It is the utility room, only enough for a washer and dryer off my dinning room and you know I do not want to look at is now we suppose to be discussing what is the alternative will be but all we are doing is fighting about..not worth it..So I told him I will settle for the bamboo shade and can pull it up and let it down..than I can paint something on the this sounds like fun..I can not put a the doors that were there as I can not have my baker's rack on the wall..the door would not open..I thought of accordion doors, dh does not like it, than sliding doors, he does not like it either-how lazy, you have to slide the door to get to the dryer..well, who does the laundry..he does even so often, when I am mad at him and I will refuse to do anything for him..yes, I do this..childish but it Anyway I am curious what we will end up..just think this is where I put all my Christmas cards..
So today I am hoping with what time we have left they will call about my computer..Soon I will have photos to put on my blog..lots of hugs to all and have a great afternoon and evening. Lorraine


Mary said...

Love your wall hanging it is so beautiful , One day I will do this kind of work lol...hope you get your computer soon mary

LorraineS said...

Thank you sis for putting in a comment on my blog..some do not realize that we love
Well, Terry called them yesterday and while they were scanning for spywares, and all that stuff, windows started to act up and they had to fix this and now scanning it again. I am so leary about getting this computer back..I only had it for 2 weeks..Give me a break!! lol
I am waiting for Terry to hand the nails so I can add the rod to use with this one..but thinking of doing some holly leaves and berries and add to a dowel and glue it to the would look pretty..lots of hugs and keep warm...Lorraine

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