Monday, November 10, 2008

Finished my Baltimore Basic quilt by hand

I finished this tonight and it was fun to say I really like hand quilting when you just do not want to sew on the machine. I took this class in 2005. All I had to do was hand quilt it...I did not put a border on it. Below is a close up. I was so excited today when I did the rocking motion and did two and three stitches together...I keep with the two stitches as the doing 3 was hurting my palm with the hoop..I think it made it more fluffy than the middle when I did just one stitch at a time..One day in the future I just might make about 4 of them with different themes on them..I believe I have a book on these types of quilts. I am just going to add white plastic hoop on the back, I usually do when a quilt is this small. It measures 15 and half square.

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