Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Couch Throw and Digital Script Pen-chat

I just finished machine quilting this couch throw for Christmas, in the making for over 3 and half I know why it never made it to be machine quilted..I will never make another traditional quilt for any bed or couch again. I had to wrestle this thing and have the shoulder, wrist and arms with pain..boy..It took me all of two days..and I am not good at stitching in the ditch either..never done that before.. Pinning was a chore too....gosh I am just glad it is done...and believe it is not of my best works...but will say it comes close to the second bottom of my list..but it is pretty where it is..for the holidays..I wash all my fabrics before using them and with this red backing, my gloves are a tinted pink.. I noticed that with my green too did the same thing with the fan art quilt I did below...of course I did not watch it washing and did not it still would have run..oh well..This will be washed before putting it away..and it just end up being a holiday quilt for One more to Holly Wreath and I have accomplished what I wanted to get done before tomorrow..I should that little quilt machined quilted tonight..I hope any way..well I still have all day tomorrow..I have a house to clean and some baking to do...before Thanksgiving so I need to start now..I use to be able to do these domestic things in less time but not any more..My mil use to warn me and now I do know what she was talking about.
I bought this because I am always sketching and have so many journals and sketch books and I just do not have room for them so I bought this as a gift for me for You do your sketching or writing on any pad and than download it to the computer..
Haven't heard a word about my computer..Best Buy has not called us yet and when dh gets home I will have him call them.
My dryer died and my son came and picked up my on load that I is usually laundry day for towels and sheets and maybe a load for me..but only one load that means it will pile for me unless my son doesn't mind picking up my clothes and drying them for me..also have my youngest and we have a key to his I think it is the belt as the dryer won't move at all..and forgot I had in on and about an hour later I heard it it sounds like the belt to me..dh can fixed that.. Have a great evening..lots of hugs, Lorraine

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