Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holly Leaf quilt is Finished and chat

I finished machine quilting with meandering small stitches to puff up the holly leaf and it does. I finished this last night except for the binding which I did this morning. I will add plastic white hooks to the back and use a brass or gold rod to hang it...if I was going to enter this in any shows I would add a sleeve, but when I do not have I do I hate doing them and the binding part of the quilting process, but always nice when done with the binding..I used Yemet gold/green metallic thread for the meandering. Fairy Frost mint is the back ground fabric. A ribbon type fabric is the binding..I ended up having to cut these by hand so I could match the lines. I love this type of quilting. This a class from Ruth Blanchet
Below is a closeup of the meandering...This is so glitzy and pretty. Turn of the lights and it
Dh called Best Buy this morning and they were working on my computer and already had changed the memory chip, video card and do not know what else..but they will call when they are looks like I might have my computer back next week sometime...
I now have to get ready as my dryer motor went out and going to buy another one..SEARS of course..they have always been great for fixing things when they go wrong..not sure if it will be a Kenmore and will buy a 5 year warranty too. lol have a great afternoon and evening, hugs, Lorraine

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