Thursday, October 16, 2008

Academy of Quilting class that I am taking

I am taking this class with Ruth Blanchet's Academy of Quilting classes that she now offering. I told her I hope there is more to come..which I am pretty sure there will be. Isn't it pretty..You can find this and sign up at It starts on the 18th but we got to sign in today.
I am also taking two other classes but since I can post my blog on the forums anymore, why bother to post them here. But they are EQ6 and Fire of Fingers Tree Skirt. You will be able to view photos of what I do with them here if you are interested. So keep my blog in your favorites if you are in any of the classes at QU..I will not be posting my blog there anymore. I probably only be taking the EQ6 classes next year with QU as that is all that is left for me at this time..the others I have no interest at this moment...and probably won't next year..but I do have a lot of classes that I haven't done that I plan on making so keep on checking my blog to see what I am up too..have a good evening as I am going shopping while I tape my CSI...hugs, Lorraine
Oh I forgot, my chair is in already and will pick it up on Sat as they are only open till 5 and dh doesn't get home till after lease something is making me does have it ups and downs doesn't it, but we still go on..I know I will, I always finds ways to make me happy and smile and keep

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