Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Madder than you know what = HP does not help customers

I received an email and now I have to wait till the 23rd for my video card. I just spent an hour going from here to there and getting nowhere with the customer service from HP. Went to their site and could not find a place where I would like to let others know how they help their customers...make a complaint!! most of them you can not understand what they are saying and having to repeat yourself over and over...and want to get rid of you as soon as they can to someone else..I would like to know why they are having a problem getting video cards..maybe there is a serious problem with them and I would like to know this..I should have taken my computer back to BEST BUY with all my info in there at least maybe I would have had a newer one to work with, but I did not, I did what my dh wanted to do..I will do what I want to do next time... My venting did not make me feel any better, I will have dh to call when he gets home..They said they would call, but they took the easy way out and sent me an email instead..a bunch of you know what!!!

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