Monday, September 22, 2008

New embroidery threads called Kreinik Facets-Petite and Regular sizes

My mail call today. I ordered these last week as I found them looking for different threads, embroidery, to use for a class that is coming up next month..not even sure if I can but will do my best to use them. These are called Kreinik Facets and comes in the regular and petite sizes. They look like beads are added to the threads..the photo above you can see the sheen on them..This will be something I am excited about using.You can purchase these at or
I had to clean out my threads storage and where I keep the ones I use all the time..I was getting caught with the loose threads on my chair and feet..I get in a hurry and do not put them away like I I went through all of them early, I mean early, this morning..I decided to count them and I can not believe I have 468 spools of thread..not counting my DMC thread and serger threads. I mostly have rayon and metallic..of all brands and different types of metallic..I have about a dozen cotton threads for machine quilting and hand quilting. So now they are nice and neat and I won't tangled up in them anymore..I placed a large order for the holographic threads that I am running out for the holidays..
This week is CSI week, all the new shows are I will have something to watch as I either knit or work on something by hand.
I am still having problems with this new computer that has Vista in it..I do not like the new Vista and would do anything if I could remove it and put in XP back in. to much security issues what do I do, I spend a lot of my value time trying to learn this and still haven't found time to learn my EQ6 or new sewing machine..My Corel Draw Suite 12, which I might have use a half dozen times does not work on this computer because Vista was not on the sad to pay so much money and two years later you can' t because you buy a new computer...this is how these people make money.


Anne said...

I love those threads! I have a ton of them from the class with Linda Schmidt, they are a hoot to use!

I have vista, and I love it! I was prepared to hate vista, but I find that the pros far outweight the cons. It DOES take a bit to get used to the extra security. But I love the Web Mail and how much spam it automatically gets rid of.
Just keep working with it, it will become your friend evenetually. :)

And yeah, I will be tuned into CBS this week too, should be a good week! I rarely watch TV, but do love CSI and NCIS and the like!!!

LorraineS said...

Anne, I came on line today and it said my computer was going to crash..I have working with it all morning.I have a new Hp with 4 processor and huge hard drive..I do not know much about them but since dh is always at work, I am going to have to learn it..I do what ever is necessary to make it not know if it is the right thing..I have had it only a little over 2 weeks..and it cost quite a bit too..I just want it to work with all my software that I have installed..I knew something was wrong when the mouse did not work and they had to send a new one..I think I have a lemon and dh has the same new computer..too..
Last not was great and can not wait for tonight and might watch the new show on after too...forgot the name..have a good one..hugs,Lorraine

LorraineS said...

OH, Anne do you mean the ones that looks and has something on them that looks like bead and I really think they are is embroidery thread, made in Brazil..not the thread for the machine..I do not remember using embroidery thread in Linda's class. hugs, Lorraine

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