Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Package from Sis Mary

I had to update this because I just found out about the backing of the cross-stitch teddy was my initial L done in chicken scratch by sis, and in purple is really beautiful. thank you sis.
An caftan in the back, love the color, Egyptian style print..a small Victorian shoe, I collect shoes..2 pin cushions..on with the fan, class with Nyla Morrison, Fancy That, and a cross-stitch teddy bear "Think Purple" just love it sis...I love it all thank you and did not know you even mailed a package to and hugs, me
We are going to the Memphis Musical Festival tonight. Terrance my youngest is going to take us to dinner to the Chinese Restaurant there and the we will listen to music, walk around and check out the fun..we had a ball last year. this time I am bringing my camera.. Mike has to work so he won't be there..

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