Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winter and Autumn Bargellos with added appliques

Here it the winter bargello with the sewn in snowflakes and puff pen snowflakes. I knew I had to do this as there was something missing to me, son and Took awhile to cut them out and than to sew the snowflakes..but I have always love paper dolls so it was not all that bad..
I have also added these larger leaves on my autumn as the smaller one seem to swallowed up the quilt..These are fabrics with glitter paint...looks really good too, I love glitter. I tried satin stitching and did not the look of the middle being puff up with the veins sewn too. Than I just just stitch the vein lines and now it looks like they are flowing in the it..
Here is a close up of the leaves..
Had to clean today because we were expecting company..I do not like that word anymore..I remember when the boys growing I use to love to do housework, cook, bake and so forth..not I am having trouble with my main machine so not sure if I will be able to machine quilt these two quilts. but I will not give up, I was just to tired to keep on playing with it last night.
I can say goodbye to these cheaper machines as I am getting the Janome 6500 in a couple of weeks..I can not wait..I have wanted one of these for over 4 I will. What will I do withe the other 4 machines..keep them of I still have that Futura that I have to sit down one day and just practice on it..just haven't given it any have a great day tomorrow.

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