Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chopsticks or a Grabber?

I had to show you all my newest item I bought the other day at a very old Drugstore called Boatwright. It has been in Memphis since I was here in the late 70's...They have a Hallmark area in there and all these different stuff/knick knacks/things...whatever you want to call them..I have not been in a store like this in a very long time...I found this chopstick, as this is what I think it is but than could be a grabber?? I thought is was so neat...for those who did not know how to use a chopstick. this photo is how it came.

this what it looks like opened up but than I saw ridges on the bottom inside so not what it is..but it will go into my collection if different chopsticks...a lot of them from Hawaii..some are missing as I used them in my hair...lol to keep it up in the back..the long ones anyway, have a few that are only 6 inches long..they are some that are lacquered, some with enamel designs painted..as you know it more than likely for show...lol
I had to go to this Drugstore as the nurse from Dr Adams office told me about BioFreeze cream for pain and has no odor..as the other I have using like the blue ice and even the pads that cost a fortune do have an odor that keeps me from sleeping at night. I did use this once and it is very expensive it had a little odor but it dissipates after awhile.. They have a website http://biofreeze.com/
I am doing so much better on the second Bargello Twist, haven't had to take any stitches out and almost done with it and can get onto the third one..I will admit I am not having fun with this type of quilting but it is rewarding to see you finish each strip without any mistakes......I am not going to do anything by dye fabrics and work on my zodiac quilt for the next few weeks..no more stitching like this for a few weeks...it is for sure not boring, you do not have a chance to get bored there is so much precision work here..lol Now I am trying to think of the colors of the border and binding and what will I do for machine quilting..I was thinking of echoing hearts over the whole thing, starting with a little one and end with a huge towards the outside..but still have time to figure this out...Have a great day...


Marjie said...

Cool! I love chopsticks too! I have some that our daughter brought us from Japan and some we bought while there. It is almost enough to make me let my hair grow out to wear them the way you said- I did that too in the good old days but it's way too hot for me to wear long hair now. Anyway- cool that you collect them. I sort of do too. They come to me and I keep them in a glass jar on my kitchen window sill.

LorraineS said...

I like your idea in a glass jar, as mine no one sees them..I am still looking for my long black lacquered one that I used on my hair...might be behind my heavy dresser that I hardly ever move...lol who know what under there....Marjie, I even collect fans since being in Hawaii..mom is trying to get the one the folds up and you can carry in your purse.. I have these in a drawer...see you in class...love and hugs, Lorraine

Doreen K. said...

Hi, There is a product called PERFORM. You can get it at Walmart for 4.00. Same stuff as
biofreeze. Ask for it at the pharmacy, they may have to order it for you. But the price is right.

Doreen K. said...

Forgot to say...it is a roll on.
So no messy hands.

LorraineS said...

Thank you Doreen, This little tube that I bought cost a whopping $11.99 and that is high..but actually two people have told me about it...I will also check Perform out too...This other stuff that smells does work a lot,,,I really did not use this bio freeze yet at night but during the day and it seem ok..but the real test will be when I am sleeping and will get rid of the pain like the others...thank you again...hugs, Lorraine

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