Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Do Not Have Lupus

I do not have any signs for Lupus..I asked the Dr why was I there then..He said it is because of the auto immunes is related to many diseases and they want to make sure to rule it out..He even mentioned fibromyalgia, which is almost like Lupus..all you joints and parts of you body aches just to touch them..He said I do not have that either..What I have is Psoriatic Arthritis, .. A pretty bad case too but also said I was still a puzzle to He said he studied my chart with the blood work and x-rays. He thinks the psoriasis is causing all the pain in my body. He never did see such a bad case of psoriasis. He did not give my any medication. He is still surprise as what the banana skin is doing..just in the 3 weeks since I have seen what he wants me to do is do the banana skin treatment and take Naproxen for a month..and than see him again. He is taking baby steps..He did not want to give me anything harmful and in my booklet every one of the pills to help has really bad side bleeding ulcers, which I already have a stomach problem.
I have bursitis on my right shoulder and right hip. He gave me a shot on my right shoulder and did not on my hip. He said the shot should help the hip too, well it is did not but just having my arm free of pain is great..its been like this since Oct or 06..It was almost instant relief..I was so thrill on this. I am guessing that if the psoriasis goes away I will not have the pain from the arthritis..My bil has this, he was so bad he could not straighten up his fingers and he had spots of psoriasis. Taking that pill he takes got rid of the psoriasis and the he only takes it when he sees an outbreak because of the side effects...
He also checked my hands very well. He know I am having trouble with them especially my thumbs. He held my right thumb for the longest thumb at the same time feeling around in their..He said something and I said I am double jointed and he said that is what he was referring not know any medical terms at all.. As he was talking to me I laid my hands in the back of me for support and he just chuckled and said if he did that he would be He said next month we are going to be taking a lot of xrays around my thumb that is good. I do not like going in every month but if this is what it is going to take to get rid of this problem I would go every week if I have to hire a

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