Monday, July 21, 2008

Here are my autumn fabrics I choose

Here is my autumn fabrics that I choose for our next Bargello. we have a week extra after each lesson, spring, summer, autumn and we can finished the seasonal now I wait till about 2 weeks to work on it..
I wanted to get all my done right away for this week as I want to dye for the next two weeks..I have a lot of experimenting to do plus Marjie's Palette class..I am all lessons behind, 5 right now..but am an experience dyer so I am not worried about it and if I make a mistake I will know how to fix I will put all of the samples in her gallery at one she will love it..


Doreen K. said...

Your bargello quilts are gorgeous.
I love all your color selections.
I am not a quilter, but I sure would love to try a small one.

LorraineS said...

Doreen, I have been quilting for over 5 years now, but Art quilts and nothing like is a challenge but the Bargello Seasons class at QU is for beginners..We are on lesson 2..the first was the easiest and as you go along you different ways of doing a Bargello with the Seasons..I believe Ruth Blanchet will not have this class till after the holiday seasons..but will check it out and see..or you might want to check out her website as she sells patterns for a few Bargellos and what ever you buy there she will help you if you need any help/advise. is her website. is where you find the classes that are coming up. Thank you so kindly for the wonderful comments on my Bargello they are for growing on hugs to you, Lorraine

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