Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Dylon Dyes dyeing completed and brother

These are the newest Dylon dyes I bought last week at Hobby Lobby. No one else has them..Using the Dylon dyes are weak in dyeing..but these were vibrant and after an hour of using them, I do a stump and dump and get very very pale colors..but as you can see from the bottom they still dyed more than usual..so I am very happy with these..I did motted dyeing as I am not one for solids. Now have to wait till August 21st to get more and I will buy them up..lol
In the middle of trying to rinse my fabrics..I receive a call from my sister in law, Sheila, she asked me if someone could be there with Mom when she called. I got all bent out of shape and asked why and what happened to my brother..He has a stint put in his leg last week. the cauterized both legs as the had blockage..and today was suppose to do his neck, which has 80%. Today they told my brother Bob that he has blockage to his heart and needs a triple by pass..and that they will do his neck...My mom's friend went there since I could not. Gloria thank you so much..Anyway Sheila is waiting for the call from the Dr to see when this will happen. I was and still am a nervous wreck...My prayers go out to you Bob and your family.
My twin and younger sister will be there when he has his surgery but also thinking about going myself...Sheila said they told Bob that it might be in a week or two..if two weeks I will be able to make if earlier I can not. He lives in Chipley Fl, and will have his surgery done in Panama City.
Was going to put a photo of my brother in here but can not find one except when he was a hippie..lol I will later when I find one..

No more dyeing today..tomorrow my procion dyes.

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Karen Payze said...


I am looking to dye a new leotard I bought my daughter which was the wrong colour (too light). It needs to be cherry red but I cannot find cherry red dye. I have been looking at the tulip red and was wondering is the tulip red quite a dark reddish pink, similar to cherry red?



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