Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another report of heart specialist

Today my dh and I both had an appointment with Dr. Gordon. He is our heart specialist. He would have seen us both together but told dh I wanted to see alone and not with did he..there is just something about being with your Doctor by yourself..
Remember when my family Dr told I had more abnormalities with my heart and I told him I had PVCs and he said he knew that from the EKGs reading that they have...I forgot to ask on Friday last week but than I knew I was seeing Dr. Gordon today.
Dr. Gordon told me today, in a medical term and not good at remember them..the I had leaks in my heart value..but he was not worried about it as many women have it OK..but than he asked me some questions about how I do things, do I rest when I am tired, do I stop when over exerted..well, you all know me.I told I never did till last 2 I will rest and stop...and not keep on doing things anymore..I do take naps when I am very I have chest pains. no...tightest in the chest, no I do not..than he told me he wants to do a probe like he did on my husband 3 years ago June (dh had a stint put at that time)... and that he is going to wait for another 6 months, with that visit he will see if he thinks I need it than...He is worried I might have a blockage like my dh because of my diabetes and weight problem..would you believe never once did either Drs bring up my anyway, I told him that would be fine..but he want me to take it easy and to take my nerve pill, tonight, as he said when I left..told him I was really stress out over family matters and all and he wanted to know the details and I told I will take one tonight to take the edge off...Gosh I am taking 2 pain killers a day and a sleeping at night..I just do not want to hooked on any of these pills..
I forgot to say in my long posting..that Dr Adams (Lupus Dr.) told me that when we are young, strong and vital, we think we can do any thing and abuse our bodies..but what we as young adults do not know that it comes at you when you are older...and also that I was loaded with arthritis..which I knew already...
After the Drs we went to my eye dr to see if my sunglasses were ready, he was closed..than we went and paid our dentist bill...but get this than we went to Reed Construction about my awning...I went in with dh because I wanted to say what was on my mind about all this work not being done..We saw the guy that was suppose to come about a month ago and never showed and he saw and apologized for not coming...well, I ignored him..the sectary asked Terry, dh, why we were there, he told her.. Mr Reed was on the phone and than the other guy said to me and Terry that he can come today, and that we can follow him..I told him we had other plans and won't be come next mean time Mr Reed is listening and than says to both of us..your awning is not fixed yet? I said no, that is why we are here in person to confront you with it..after all they are your sub contractors...He said he did not know this..I said we also wanted to let you know that we do not want to really take this in other hands but will do so..He said you don't have we will see, it was like getting things finished and let things drag on ..if you all know what I mean...
I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of will a quiet one for me and Terry but will have sons and mom over Sunday evening...

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