Sunday, October 7, 2007

My sister mini quilt

I took this over some pins of another quilt so it is showing very crooked..This is from an embroidery flamingo I did in my Embroidery class. I added a black frame, lime green border one, than black border two..than the binding is of a orange yellow with some pink on it to finished it off. I machine quilt it two threads in the needle, topsitch, with rayon, lime green, and Yement green/gold metallic thread, so when you look at it is has a shine. The inside scene is all felted with my HuskyStar ER10. Than I couch lime green fibers around the green and black borders. I did all this yesterday and today for an UFO in the Finishing School at Every time I join the girls something comes up and can not participate and believe me I have quite a few UFOs. lol So with one hand I thought I do it anyway..trouble problem is when I started to machine quilt this..but not the greatest as I had a palm tree pattern to use but ended up being whatever meandering I could do. Sis I do hope you like it.
Beaded Sun rays.
Embroidered Flamingo oops I think she needs an eye. lol..

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