Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thought I would check in

Hi everyone,
I finally made it to the computer. I am still in pain. Dr Fly said he scrapped the arthritis under my knee cap..sometimes I feel he did not put it back in the right place..knee cap sometime makes be buckle.. The tape is still on one of the incision..it has always taken me a long to heal.
I go in on Wednesday morning for my visit, it will be 12 days since surgery. I know I will not be able to do the therapy as I won't pay for it..
Friday the day of the surgery, we ended up at the wrong hospital..oh I just thought this was just horrible and thought it to be a bad omen..crazy me..any way we did get to the right hospital but a half hour later. they still took me..well pain in my knee is going to stop me from continuing on..I am on the mend...lots of hugs, Lorraine
PS..still knitting away..I have made 4 sets of scarves and hats...but won't be able to put them up..Two red sets for adults..for Gwen and Patti.. 2 children's set for my son's godchildren..purple for Sidney and camouflage for Marcus.. A purple hat for me, Finished the scarf for my fancy fur hat and made a black voodoo hat but added the bill in front..very challenging..
I have started a lime green set and a long scarf for my son, Terrance, It is called basket weave and it is really a great pattern, he wanted navy blue and have done the pattern of 18 rows already. I will make me a cherry red one..as I gave Mary my red scarf with out the silver.I removed them..

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