Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What I received today

My twin sister, Mary Adkins, sent these two beautiful dress form pin cushions. The blue on top is a large one and the purple is a smaller one. They were a joy to receive and I love them both. I now have 4 of these. She also sent me a purple fairy, like my green on she sent awhile them. She made stick pins which is on the dress forms.
Today I finished all the dolls that I have been beading for a long time now. Hair, I mean real hair on a few of them, and doll's hair on the rest..Talk about have a bad hair day..Hair is harder to put on than anything I do with these dolls but does not take a long as the beading or painting the faces.
The copyright place has downloaded my blog so now I just wait and see what I have to do next. My dh wants me to get a patent but I do not thing that is necessary, as it also cost a pretty penny..but if he does insist and willing to pay for I will.
I made my sister her yellow one today, I made it with my real hair and even put glasses on her. My dh got a big charge of it. I will put the face on here but the not the whole doll. Not until I have the copyright logo on any of the dolls.
I made one for my younger sister, and she ended up looking Hawaiian, wasn't suppose to but did and love it. Now on to beading newer ones. I love doing and my dh notice that I really have fun with it..I told him I miss my art in ceramic, oils and etc. but the way my arm is there is no way right now.
My son is having problems with his U KNOW WHAT..I have quite a few names for but than thought it might really be an insult to I will have to come up with a duzzie one. She is what she is..Her true colors are coming out..But there were a few times I saw the look in her face..No wonder no one could bond or be friends with her..I never did see anyone that cried a lot or was so sick all the time..yet they could never find anything wrong with her..Is her therapist helping her, I do not think any one can help her now she is beyond helping..
I remember taking depression pills and being very depressed about 5 years ago. but I did not accomplished anything. I was sleeping my life away and thinking about how depress I was all the time to me was not healthy at all. I took control of my life by was hard but I did it and happy for it. No one is worth the worry, trouble or pain when it does you, yourself, harm. I learn this the hard way. I am not saying do not care for others..but do not dwell on it. You can not do anything but be very supported. I will help my son financially as much as I can, and be there when he needs someone to talk to but I will not dwell on it..I will rant when I want to and get over it..till something comes up do the same old thing again. I would not be where I am now if I did not take control of it. Sometimes it is very hard. Yes, I will worry about my son probably through out the day in random thoughts as he is my son..that is mother nature..for all of us..enough Have a great day tomorrow.

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