Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dyeing Projects today

I dyed this today and started very early so that I could just let them sit for about 10 hours and rinse and put them in the dryer...My teal did not come out the blue teal that I wanted..did it 3 so more blue less green next But got my lime and purple and turqoise..did not feel like working with any red or fuschia today next week sometime..
I am getting some dyes ready to dyed Mom's 4 t shirt..wish she likes tie-dye but not so..she wants solids so I will have to keep on adding and stirring but she is such a tiny person it won't take long..she is making the potato salad for dinner tomorrow, so I do not mine..She will be able to take them home tomorrow..really do not fell like mixing more dyes but hey that's life, lol Make do for others..
I also will be doing my fruit and vegetable dyeing. dh just went to get a carrot and a lemon..I must have..see now if I drove and had my car I could get it myself and not wait around for day at a time..I will get there again!!
Well, I now have a new roof..It looks great. We paid off the other guy from the insurance as my awning was still leaking and he wanted to remove my old shingles, and put on new ones..we know why make sure he got the leak..not necessary. we hire someone who has been in the roofing business for over 20 years and got a discount..100 dollar lest for the whole roof compare to only a half a roof...Yeah..We also got a grayish color instead of white and it matches the house so much better..tomorrow a photo..I was taking a nap when they finished..boy I was out there constantly removing the shingles, from the tips of the house they cut..from my flower garden some on top my poor flowering Reason for the It felt good to good some bending and bending and more knee felt it a bit but all is fine.
Glasses did not come in again..another week..When I call Monday and if it is not in I think, now think, I will ask for my money back. we are going back to Dec before glasses..boy..Can not wait till all this is done.
No TV..they had to disconnect it to put up the we have tapes many dvd from pay tv so we will put them tonight and all day strange to have only the local channels and I hate them except when the CSIs come on CBS that is all I
Happy Easter to all of you from my family to yours!!

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