Monday, March 3, 2008

Book-Magnet bookmarkers and Pin Cushion I made

My dh bought me this book on sale at Walgreen's the other night.It is from 2003 but I do not have it. I love Nora Robers books. Do not have much time to read them but than when I do I have lots to read. On the right side is magnetic line book markers made for me from an exchange from Sharon S in my group.
Here the line magnetic book markers are on one of the pages..Are they not so colorful and pretty, thank you Sharon,.
Well, I am not much on making pin cushion. But I love the shoe ones that sissy sent for me to sell. But they were white with decals. Not my style. So I sanded the porcelain, sprayed it and sand it again and then painted it with 3 different coats. It does not usually come off but it sure did with hot I learn something new each day that goes by. I do not like using the glue gun as I am a really big baby when I burn myself..and I always do with it. I had to stuff the top portion into the shoe to get it right well, I did not like it. but at least I got the color that I wanted, my purplish blue I did not hot glue the fiber on it I wrapped it around about 4 times and tied it at the back. lol It pleases me that is all that counts.
Here is the other side. I love it. I do not put much do dads on my pin cushions, after all I use them. I have plenty that I do not use but they are fro collecting but this one I intend on using. I have about 7 I use, I have them every where as I am a convenient person. I do not like having to hunt something is there when I need it. lol
It is good to be doing other stuff again. I am going to try and sew tomorrow and see what happens. I will know tomorrow night, after all dh did order me my extra bobbin case so now I can free motion play a favorite thing to do is make my own fabrics and use metallic thread, I miss Have a nice tomorrow.
Just think it was in the 70's yesterday and now the high for tomorrow is 40..boy is any of you sick from this weather? If so hope you get better soon. Here is a big hug from me..HUG lol

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