Monday, March 24, 2008

My Fruit Painting Play Time

These are vegetables. celery stalk, cabbage, green onions..leaf of the celery..
Lemons and bananas.
Larger area of the cabbage, carrots and tomatoes..I want more different colors on my quilts so I will throw in other colors to a fruit or vegetable to make more fun.
This the larger cabbage also but over lapping over other colors..really pretty.
These are the vegetables I use for the above. they are now in the fridge and I will do my larger quilt piece tomorrow.
All the fruit..
Apple and tangerine.
Kiwi above left, peaches, avocado and pears..need more
Orange, kiwi, apple same on bottom and banana in the middle. What I will do for my quilt is put all the fruit in the middle and have the vegetables on the sides and tops..Paint in between all veg and fruit with a contrasting color that make them popped out I do not want whiter or a muslin color background..I already have done the measurements for my dinning room..When done will put it here.
I am dyeing fuchsia and almost done..let it set for 24 hours..and also every so many hours have adding another piece of fabric hoping to get a nice graduations..Will post tomorrow..
There is so much of this and hope you all like viewing them, as this will be boring for others, sorry about that..

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