Monday, March 31, 2008

Chat about psoriasis-glasses

No photos today, as I am designing and making pattern pieces and not ready to share yet without my copyrighted info.
Psoriasis, how many of you have psoriasis? I do and have for over 17 years. All the meds, ointments, creams and now AD ointment..just keeps it from itching but never gets rid of it..Guess what.
In our newspaper, The Commercial Appeal. we have a Dr that gives out information about whatever a person ask. My dh brought this article home and I read it and now I must say, my psoriasis never look or felt better. A woman wrote to the Dr thanking him for the article about using banana skin, inside. He dh tried to 3 days and it was gone..and only used it once a week to keep it clear. He has psoriasis for only 2 years. I started this a week ago and you should see my calve, knees and elbows..It is close to seeing my skin again. I now have dh eating a banana a day..I use twice as mine are thicker than most people. I scrub it every night and did all the treatments and it never look this good. Every morning it looked it grew, yew get thick and crusty sometimes if I am not able to put something on it all day. I only wear long skirt during the summer and slacks in the winter when I go somewhere and long sleeve or 3/4 inch shirts or blouses..It is ugly to look at and do not want anyone to see it..When I first went in to the Dr's in June of last year..she was shocked to see what she saw and asked me what it telling a Dr it was psoriasis..give me a
I forgot to take photos to show the before and after, because I would love to send them to this Dr.
When putting the banana skins on your psoriasis, it will sting for about 5-10 minutes and it is messy, do I care No it works..there is cure and they, medical field, knew this more than if this can help someone save money and wastes time putting all these creams and ointment..I hope so. Of course I would love to show you all photos but I won' I am embarrassed having psoriasis..Good luck anyone that does try it.
My glasses came in the now have to find the time with dh working to pick them up. Well I better get something done this evening as all I have done today is mess around..scan my patterns pieces and try to buy supplies from Dick Blick and still haven't push the confirm Have a great evening.

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