Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Awning bulging at 12;42am last night

We went outside to check on my molds that we had laid on the deck floor till the weather permits us to put them in our shed. We did have them covered, the last photos here.
This is what we found. Let me tell you my Dh, Terry, was so angry. I think if anyone was here that put this up, he would have a few choice words to say to them. I never seen him so angry..than of course neither one of us could sleep. so we treated ourselves to a root beer float, did it help NO, lol I had a tiny glass as I am diabetic. lol but ohh it did taste good. lol
This is horrible when you can not have something anymore done properly the first time around. Mine you this is the Reed Brothers Construction in Millington. Also related to Dr Reed my optometrist who it Mr Reed uncle. My dentist I go to is also another Reed but haven't had any problems from him at all and is a cousin. I asked him Mr Reed when he first came out here..been going to both Reed Drs, dentist and optometrist since we here in the late 70's..
This is also where the slats had some holes through it and when I asked the son of the guy that put up the awning about it he said in 30 days would seal. I check every day since and still hasn't and I also told Mr Reed about..that is exactly where it started those two spots..Hey what do I know about, I trust people when they tell me something, like a fool..not any more..I will investigate everything like I do in genealogy..
Just look at this, those little beaded things you see it from the heavy rains we had.
My dh had to opened up the cap to release some of the rain and than the rain came pouring out. I also told them that the other side of the awning that the spout did pour out that much water when it rained..No one listens to me..as I was the one here watching and listening to every thing that was said outside to each other..I guess I am just a woman..now I let my dh deal with them all. I did send these photos this morning to the Reed Construction Co.. lets see if it is going to pass the buck again like they did with the flashing and shingles, which ended up getting credit for out of our deductible as it was not even put on my roof but charge the insurance company for. My dh did that..hurray..for him.
You can see the deck getting wet from the leaking awning and my table..now these are in the middle of my deck..But hey, I do not have leaking deck where it was attached to my house anymore, we had to put a new roof to fixed that problem..Under the blue tarp is my molds being protected..if the awning fell they would have ruined them.

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