Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flowers that are flowering and budding

This is my lilac bush, with all it blooms. Looks like I miss the prettiest blooms.. Since the frost the other night, they are all sad
My 27 year old Azalea bush. I covered it with a sheet but afraid the some of the buds looks brownish, but think most of it will bloom..this is the day before..
27 year old white Peonies on the north side of the house. The buds made it and my red and pink ones are budding tool.
These are the plants that I planted, snap dragons, I love snap dragons so will get more colors as time permits. Marigold..I really not crazy about them but wanted something to chase away the mosquitoes when they arrive which I think they they are on the deck but will put them back out front again..oh there is Suzie strutting her


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous crop of plants and flowers!

Poulsbo florist

LorraineS said...

Thank you Arlene, I was worried I would not see them bloom because of the frost, but I did cover them. We had a warning of a frost lasting from midnight till 9 am in the morning..thank you again, Lorraine

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