Friday, April 11, 2008

Mud Island photos of flooding and chat

When I have a lot of photos of one subject I will do this from now on. I take them to Print Master and put them on a poster.. This way you all do not have to look at a bunch of large photos of the same subject. I use to do this all the time but did not want to take the time but will now.

This is Mud Island also known as The Mississippi Greenbelt Park. My youngest son lives here..These are expensive homes and very close to each each its own, I could never live that close to someone. where I live is very close, about 30 ft but here about 10..The park was a very nice place to sit in the benches and watch the barges go by. Where you see the tree line up is where the land started, it is now all flooded.
I have been sick in bed, in and out, had an asthma attack. dummy me did not use a mask when doing the planting of my flowers..this is what started it all in 1979..I ended up in the hospital and diagnose with asthma., almost 30 years ago. I knew it but forgot.. I am better now and breathing well.
I have been shopping a lot during the weekend and enjoying it a lot. I bought some candles at the NEX. they are called Flameless. They have 3 scents to them, vanilla, citrus and lavender. I bought 3 for myself and ended with one as my sons wanted one and than had to go back and get more because my sister wanted a couple. Well, I need to go back this weekend and get 3 they are wonderful, you have the lovely scent and no fuss about leaving them burning..uses 3 triple A batteries..the lavender put me to sleep without dreaming, I did not believe it but I eat my words
I have signed up for another class with QU for May it is called Quilt with Zodiac with Ruth Blanchet..Sounds like fun and I love the zodiac..I did not ask permission and not going to any more..I just signed up. lol Nothing new to take but this one and the others are classes I will probably never take.
My youngest sister's husband's, Rick, mother died and she is now in Virginia Beach. Her daughter Tara and dh with Parker will be there this weekend..All please have a safe trip back.

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birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
I have been thinking of you and wondered if maybe you were sick. Sorry to hear that.
I have been so tired lately. My wheels are spinning and going no where.
What a beautiful place to have it all flooded now. This weather is really crazy. We had some very cool weather here 60's and now tomorrow in the 90's.
Here if you breath the dirt you can get what they call valley fever. It is very tough to get rid of and some never do and are left with life long disabilities.
Your yard with the flower pics make me homesick for Nebraska as I could grow all those beautiful looking flowers but not here. Too darn hot in the summer.
My daughter in Lake Havasu came thru her hysterectomy good and is now home. I felt so bad I couldn't be there to help her out but dh couldn't travel for 5 hrs in car. He is doing okay not good but better than he has been. Tue we have another dr. aptmt. Needs to get his lab work done again. The dr. said last Mon. they couldn't do anymore for him so it will be a long road to no end.
You take care of yourself.
I had looked at that class but decided to butt out as I didn't even get started on the last two. I knew Ruth was working on putting that together as she mentioned it in her class with EQ6 building blocks. She is such a great teacher.

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