Saturday, April 19, 2008

I designed this yesterday and chat

It needs to block and heavily starch so it can used a book will for sure have a lot of pins trying to get the links in the middle straight as I made this 61/4 by 2 1/4 inches as I plan to use it on my paper back books which are small. For sure you can enlarge it. If interested I am putting the directions together and when done I will send to who ever would like it..remember it is copyrighted..Everything I do in this blog is.. I call it Insert Book Marker so you can insert ribbons and such down the middle..I have some silver ribbon in the middle now. I am going to make some Angelina fibers on tissue paper on card stock to put in the insert.
I am now trying to get two pcs done as Mom and I are going to the shower of my nephew's future wife, Jamie..Just got invited yesterday as my niece, Leah, has been so busy babysitting and taking care of her Aunt Betsy who has MS and has moved from Ok to be near her family..that she never got the cards mail out..slow down girl..I am glad you are back, Betsy! Hope to see her there tomorrow. I am making two cards one for Mom..I will put pockets in the back for the monetary gifts. I wanted to do something nasty like they did mine over 35 years ago but I thought that it would not fit my but that is what a shower is all about having fun and what the kind of gifts Jamie will received...
I joined a crochet group and a knitting group yesterday, as if I really need to have more to do but it will be fun to add this to what I do every day..when I get bored with one, I can always pick up another project..which is what I literally do anyway. I like to keep it this way..But I do have that huge quilt to finished and haven't figure out the binding or the quilting designs for it
I have started out with these pc, for one, two photos, one of Jamie and one of Jason and lets see where I go with this one..the one I make for Mom to give them will be for sure a heart shape card. Have a great day..

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