Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Fish Chime Post cards

I finished 2 other swaps today and did these today. Took most of the afternoon. I had to no idea on what to do so I just went along till it was I made a design of the fish..I knew I was going to do a fish as I had those fish charms so wanted to used them..still have plenty of them I used my fabric sun painting fabrics for the fish. Added card stock to the back and satin stitch it together for some stability..Then added some holographic threads coming down to meet the beaded area with the fish and shells at the end. Than I added another card stock and straight stitch all around. It was fun to do this swap. Now on to the journal pages for them these are for Donna and Mary..who seems to be the only ones swapping these days.. Oh I added two eyelets on the top in case they wanted to hang this chime card is

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