Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finished Shower cards

I have added another photo. The one below is way to dark. I am not sure on how to delete so excuse the duplicate. I will one day learn how to do this without losing every thing, if one
I finally finished these cards, worked on them off and on all day. Just did not have an idea so it took a lot longer than I wanted it too.
I started out with two photos. Did not know what color I wanted for the back ground. Than I found some hand dyes red and went from there. My longest time is satin stitches without free motion all the hearts. I still have not got this newer machine to work with the feed dogs down so I can do free motion.. It is hard on the hands and wrist for me..but did it. I did not fuse the fabric so a bit wrinkle..but it is still pretty. I have fabric, two layers of plastic, satin stitches, and beading around the frame this took a long time..put some eyelets on the photos and the card and tied them with fibers. the top one is going to from mom and the bottom from me..I know I could have done something a lot simpler but I just carried away like I always I did it both of them not just Jamie even if the shower is for her..She is having 3 showers..Tomorrow is whatever, than a linen one and lingerie one..It is a fancy wedding and a lot of people..8 bridesmaid..that is a The wedding is June 20th at 7pm I I am going to bed. The shower is from 2-4 but we will stay to clean up.
Today Fr. Rick died two years ago and of course he has been on my mine with wonderful memories..I still can see his face. My friend Donna died a year ago next month on the 5th. If my dh did not have to work, he was going to take me to his grave site. Another day.

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