Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Chatting and Thinking and Flooring in Studio

This is about 5 feet away from the wall. the brown area is the hole we have to fill tonight. Let's put it this way, dh won't be able to live till he does it..lol I have been on his case for a long time now and I won't let it go..so he has no choice..lol poor guy..lol
Here is a close up... When my son bought me my digital camera, boy did he put a dangerous thing in my hand..I take and document every thing I do and
every thing that happens around here...lol Isn't this just horrifyingly knowing that your floors could look like this if you have an older home..yuck!! so far that we know off it is only in this room.

Chatting and thinking:
I was thinking if I have to put up another $500 I rather give it to the lawyer to see where we stand if they do not fix this, why give it to them again. It probably be the Reed Construction again and I really do not trust their work..Why should we put out another claim when they just finished this about a month and half ago.

Now my home was built in 1972 and I will show what has happen in my studio that I sew in. Now we always had carpeting and having taken it out, you see what is below and hiding..The floor in my studio has either collapsed or pulled away from the outside wall. It has an opening about an inch and is about 4 inches deep. We had a mess there by my bookcase, leavings from bugs. Dh never did put the trim around the baseboards so it is exposed..we have being seeing these huge water bugs, or I called extra large roaches through the house, about a dozen..in the last few weeks..I go nuts when I see one..Nuts, Nuts, than I dream about them..I am not a bug person at all. The reason I do not do camping, lol. So I have been spraying that hole ever since the other night and lo and behold I came in here to post those photos this morning and what do I see crawling on my floor yes, one of those things..I hate them..but the good news about this, we know where they are coming from..Once I saw one crawling down the hall way and chase it till it disappeared behind my stereo cabinet in my Master bedroom, I look and could not find it..

So tonight dh is going to spray some silicone in there but first I want load a whole can of spray so it is in there really good and no bugs will ever come out of it again..He wants me to remove all the stuff on the bookshelf and surrounding area..Well time to so some more "getting rid of stuff you haven't used in a year or two" time..lol
My son, Mike, is sick. He has bronchitis..He has missed two days of work and with him having to foot the bill for everything now that IT has left him in a bind..it will hurt him..I am also worried about him mentally..Get better son..
Again thanks for ear and my ramblings..Hope it is not tooooo boring for you all..


birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
My heart just aches for you and your son, and DH. What a mess your new awning is and the leaking on the deck. I have been spending most of this eve working on papers for the new Dr. We are changing Internal Med. drs. and I just hate all his medical reports to copy. It is soooooooooooothick. Too many ailments.
Tonight was the first night I have been able to check your blog. How do you keep your sanity????
I guess your release is your hobbies, right? I havent't checked the discussion forum either for some time so will have tons of those to get through.
Wish I could be there to help you through your difficult time.
I enjoyed our chat via phone. What phone service do you have that you get it free? I have some minutes free on our cell phone but not that many. Like 3,ooo night and weekend and 300 peak time minutes than if I run over its .40 per minute. I use a prepaid card most of the time. I can call after 8:00 our time under the 3,000 minutes but those minutes go quicker than you realize.
Everyday I admire the cone doll. So precious. Today a lady came in the drs office with a purse with palm trees beaded and I asked her if she did the beading but she bought it that way. It was really cute.
Well keep plugging away at your home repair and it will get better.

LorraineS said...

Bless You my dearest friend. I think I make more serious that what it is..for now we can not do anything with awning as I do not want to put pressure on the guy that did it..he is in the hospital and I am not that mean..I will wait..I only wish we could get the molds of the deck and I will a lot better..
You have the guts to the paper work not me..when dh wants me to do it, I say OK, but if there is a mistake don't look at me..lol and than he does it..lol I know your dh is too sick to help you and so you have to carry the burden with tedious stuff like this..yucky poo..lol
I am feeling better at the moment I think the heavy storms is done as it is quiet outside..but more to come..I have not seen the high rise of the Lochihache River..I know I did that name a big in justice..but have the fogyish of how to spell it..it is just down the road from us, we pass it every day we drive..It is like a swamp for us.
What is Sanity? lol I do not think I have any..lol yes, my beading, quilting and other stuff keeps me busy..also cleaning, which I did some today.. and cooking..
I also wish I could be there with you to help you too. I do hope we do meet in the future..
I have AT&T. But is was Bell south before they bought them out but Bell south is still here. I buy into the package deal and I get to talk to anyone and it doesn't cost me a dime more but the monthly payment and believe me all of my family has but one brother, in In. He has a cellular phone and buys his minutes..and I can call him on mine and it does not cost us anything..same company..Have a great week Birdy and will call again you can bet on it..love and hugs, Lorraine

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