Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saw my first Hummingbird-Chat

I was so excited, I saw my first hummingbird. It was looking for food. So I also know that we should not get anymore cold weather..I am right now making food for them and will hang their feeders out tonight. I have awrought iron thingie in front of my studio window so I can see them. When I hear heavy flutters through my window, sure enough they are feeding..I usually have 4-5 that fights over two feeders..this one had green on him. The red ones are really pretty..
I have been all day getting my overdue pc done. and almost with the last one. Than I only have journal pages to make for Donna and Mary..they do not know how to make one so I will have to take photos as I go along.
I have not made one bit of jewelry since Christmas, reason, my left wrist and thumb won't let me. I was going to sell all the tools and larger beads and metals, cords and such but dh told me not too, just in case..Just in case of what..if it hurts I won't do it!LOL
I have also been spending more time on the computer doing all my stuff that I am going to sell over again with the copyrighted info on them plus watermarks. I can not stamp right now for the class I am in right now. But than my eyes fails me and have to stop and go stop and go again..this is the pitts..I can not sit still. Like yesterday, I get a knock on the door, my electricity is going to be out for an hour or more..I asked why we could not get a more advance notice.. I had only been up for about 30 I had to eat just a toast, thank goodness my dh had coffee
My psoriasis is doing wonderful, I have not seen skin in my calves and knees for 17 is so soft too. Where I put the banana skin and the psoriasis goes away the skin feels so smooth and baby skin. so I am now putting in on my hands and and where ever I want to..Just to think all those wanted banana skins I and I eat a banana every day..So I hope I have helped someone online with this info. Oh yes, I telling every one. There is this woman name Nancy that calls me every 6-8 weeks from BCBS about my ailments and sends me info all the time, she is sending my info, email, phone number, of the Psoriasis dept. I told her I was going to tell them about this but I will tell you that they probably will not do anything with my info..they want money for their medication they put out. That is the the Medical field is all about. If they would let us know about all cures they have out their for the different diseases, they of course would not make money, and of course the Dr's. too. I plan to tell my Dr too..I thought I would waste my breath, but I am not going to look at it that way..I can tell the nurses and such and they will spread the
My Azaleas made it, when the blooms are all full, probably tomorrow, I will take another photos. I am glad I put a sheet over them. I see from the bottom that they are baby plants from this old mother plant..I will plant them this fall.


birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Your flowers are just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
WOW!!!what a goodie basket you received. Lots of nice items that you will be busy using.
I don't know why my mailbox would have said "full" I didn't have very mnay messages in it unless that is when 3l of them went to junk mail. I shouldn't have a limit on my mailbox. I have unlimited use. Who can figure out the computers at times???
Your quilt is just gorgeous. I can see where you have spent many hours on it. I probably would extend the tree leaves into the border. I would do very little quilting on the border. Probably the design that resembles an S or something so as not to take away from the other detail. I would do some echo quilting in places.
You certainly turned out an award winning quilt. Terrance should be overjoyed with it. Let me see the finished product.
Did you get more rain from that storm that was moving thru? They had earthquakes in Des Moines Ia from the one that went thru Ill.
We have had every day with winds and dust. YUK!!!
My daughter from Omaha is coming in the 24th of April and will leave the 29th. I am looking forward to seeing her. Hope dh can stay well enough and out of the dr. offices while she is here. He still has a UT infection otherwise his labs aren't too bad. He is much beter that earlier thank heavens for that. Still requires lots of care but tht is okay, I can always quilt and etc. at another time. I am thinking of taking my sewing cabinet into a shop here and having them install the lift so I can have my machine even with the cabinet. Now, it is just setting on top of the cabinet and is too high for machine quilting. My cabinet is 55 years old and I don't want a new one. I looked at those kola cabines and they are far too expensive. I can order the mechanism for $125.00 to raise and lower it and then whatever they would charge to install it. Now would be a good time to do it since I am not doing any sewing.
Today I finally started binding all the pages from those 2 classes so I will have them for later on. I have one of those spiral binders and love it as the pages lay flat when you use it. I now need to figure out how to copy on both sides of the paper so I don't have so many pages. My printer has that capability but I need to play with it and figure it out. I order adobe premier elements 6 and it came with 4 and I have essentials 2. I wonder if I can copy a picture from newspaper and import that into it and do some cropping and color enhancement. Do you know if this is possible. I know can from a digital camera but I want to do this from a picture and run it on that picture fabric and make a quilt square for a friend.
Well, my friend, you are a busy busy person.
Did you ever get your glasses? and are they what you ordered?
Take care of yourself.

LorraineS said...

Oh Birdy, I am glad dh is feeling a bit better and do hope he still when dh comes in.
I will have to print what you said about the quilt so I be in here all the time. Yes and S quilt will do I never thought of that, they two minds are better than one. Haven't pick it up yet, I keep doing different
Oh I have the binding thing too and do not know what to do if I didn't..I had started out with regular folders but they took up so much room..of course all mind take up 3 shelves with so many classes but can you imagine if I did
As far the trees, I do not want to add to the I have another idea in mine. I want to put some sort of design or shadow on the tile, very faintly so will see what I can come up with...I really do not know if I will make it Birdy..He was by today and told me he wanted a cookbook for his birthday and told to take his pick, I have over 300 and he did not like them all, they are old one and the newest one I bought was 3 years he changed his mine. He has everything he wants and we never know what to get..We started about 8 years chess sets and he said he had enough of them. We collect them from every where for him..The only one I never got him was The 3 tier Star Trek..boy that was so expensive..but maybe one day..We will celebrate on Mother's Day and his so that leaves me 2 less day to get it done..
As far as your Adobe you should be able to do it. With my new pdf that I have I read up and practice what you want to do and you will soon become a pro..sometimes I hate practicing as it takes up so much time, but in the long run it always helps me out to the with you later and I have been waiting to you post something always and hugs to you and your family my dearest friedn..Lorraine

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