Thursday, April 3, 2008

Supplies and chat

Here are the supplies that I did not have and I think I have ordered some wrong things. like that big roll I did a search with the name the teacher had in the class and this is what came up..all of the supplies..we did not have photos of the supply list, which some teacher do, so I had to eye ball it..I will use when I figure it
The guy never came to look at my awning and having a very heavy storms today has me getting up and down checking the pitts..
My niece was going come and visit me with her two daugthers but it was really bad and we both decided it not a good day..thought I would have beautiful photos of them to put up here..
My son is better and went to work, I am so glad..I know he is in his middle thirties but I still worry a lot..
Well, I am going to see if I can start and finished a doll I designed the other day and get it post for the challenge that has a due date of April 5th, if not I will post it here and am going to do a series of her..she is going to be fun to make and you will see why..Have a great afternoon.


lyric said...

Hi Lorraine,
Starting at 9 o'clock you've got a rubber brayer, used for rolling paint onto a surface for either monoprinting or to roll onto a carved printing plate.
Then you have quite a few carving blocks, including the erasers.

I can't see what the yellow stuff is and the large roll well enough to know what they are.

LorraineS said...

thank you Lyric. hugs, Lorraine

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