Sunday, April 6, 2008

Been Busy and chat

Hi all, I will post tomorrow with a lot of photos..I mean a
I got out of the house and for two days in a row..boy am I
I got to see the flooding in areas and took some photos. Took photos of my newly growth of flowers coming up, with all this rain..every thing will for sure bloom like crazy..My white Daffy's are out..Lilac bush is blooming, sprouts from 3 of my Peony's are up. Tulips starting to show through..Hydrangeas looks like they will fine this year. Azaleas. boy does it have a zillion
I bought me some plants and soil to put on my table and around here and there in the will plant them tomorrow.
I was so sorry to hear that my most favorite actor of all times has died, but I do know that he in not suffering, Charlton Heston. I can not tell you how many times I have watch Ben Hur..I tell you what I have not yet to today seen a better built man..What a body he had in that movie..I loved all his movies but two..Planet on the Apes and Green Solvent..I think that is the name but all the rest I loved him in. I read his book he wrote many years ago as I do not have it so can not remember the title but it was about him and his leading ladies and what they were like to work with.
Yes we lost another one last week, Richard Widmark, loved him too.
Our Memphis Tigers won last night and put them in running to first place tomorrow night, Go Tigers!!
Tomorrow is dh birthday so we celebrated tonight..the last game is tomorrow night and there is no way my boys will can't blame them. It is also my nephew's Philip's birthday and he will be 14. He is my twin's sister's grandson that is artistic. He was going to try his hand today golfing but it rained and they could not take him, but there is lots of time to learn...Happy Birthday Philip and Terry.
I will let you know about my glasses I picked up tomorrow as I am very tired and going to bed..thank you for visiting my blog.

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