Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Goodie Bag from Noelani in Ca

Isn't she just precious!! I just love her..She is hanging on my calendar in the dinning room but I will move it to my studio.
She is with an angel with the bible. I love them both.
Here is a side view of all the goodies. I could not put them all as it would take so much time, but Noelani thought of every thing..thank you so much. The bottom photos are just close up of all the items..I did ask what the ones in the baggie and those cute figures made out of thread. Never have seen them before and do not know how to use know I can't know everything..I live to
The bag on the left has sewing implements in them..above that is a oriental purse.
Another wall hanging next to the butterfly note card. Some shell circle shape.
Lace and trims which always comes in handy..close up of those dolls. Some beads on the string, and those little bottles are more beads, never seen them come this way. For sure they will be
Under all this is a pattern for a purse. ribbons, metallic thread with metallic does she know I use she does...Oh and my purple grass, I was thrilled to see this, as we can not buy loose grass here anymore..they make up all the baskets for Easter..any I haven't found them..I wanted all colors.. Again Thank you Noelani, it surely was worth the wait but would have waited as long as I had too..I am glad you are doing much better and will keep on praying that you do. love from me..

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