Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Memory of my Uncle Donnie

Donald Harvey Lausterer March 8, 1935-March 3, 2008.
My uncle Donnie was the father we never had for us 5 siblings. He use to babysit my twin and I when he was 13 and going to school. He would run over to our house to babysit us when Mom had my brother, Bob. during his lunch hour to feed us and make we were fine and than go back to school and after school. I love talking to him on the phone, he always had me cracking up with laughter..but it has not happen since late last year..when I called he was always rushing me off the phone..I did know he was getting his cancer back as he did not let us know. He was such a kind and wonderful man. We all are very deepen with sorrow. I still have my brothers to call. My youngest brother, Donnie, was names after him. He would always ask how he was doing and always would say, my name
I have this photo trace on tracing paper and muslin as I was going to a portrait of him 3 years ago and never did finish it..It is time that I do for me. I am going to try and do a fabric painting of him also. May not come out as good.

Here is another photos of Uncle Donnie with my Dad, on the right. This was a long time ago and have no date..but probably in the 90's. Now he is with his two other brothers, his mom and dad. too. I will have another guardian angel to watch over me and my siblings. I will miss your laughter over the phone and I know you did not receive my birthday card which you would have had a big kick out of.

My Uncle Roger, in Indian, is as off now having lung cancer surgery, He almost did not make it last year with colon cancer. I am praying for you Uncle Roger. I could not understand why my letters came back to me when I wrote you to your ex wife's address where you were staying, but than found out she had died. Aunt Lorraine told me you are now living with your daughter..I did get her address and phone number from a if you are going to read this..maybe Ruth Ann, your daughter will.

I am the only one out of 5 siblings that did meet any of our Uncles. Only one Uncle I did not meet and that is Uncle Walter in Maryland. And I never have met my Aunt Lorraine. one day, there is still time. There were Ballard, my dad, Walter, Vernon, Donald and Roger for the guys and Aunt Lorraine, the only girl. Uncle Vernon lives in Mexico..

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juliana said...

Hi Lorriane, remember me Juliana L. Lausterer daughter of Vernon O. Lausterer & mother is Carolyn P. Lausterer second marriage just wanted to say Thank you for your posting of Uncle Donnie Yes He was & will always be the father who took care of his brothers childern since our fathers was running around with other women in there lives as I remember about my father Vernon and still to this day can't seemed to live by himself must have a women @ all times.Your dad was a great man who loved his childern very much that I know for a fact I will tell you a story when I must have been around 5 yrs old and playing with my cousins & your half sibings from Auntie Helen childern I have always been afraid of animals likes horses,pigs,chickens anything that moved around your saved me from a cow coming towards me when we were playing in backyard in hawaii your dad always told me Julie he would call me Julie don't ever let your fears be shown or the animals will know. your dad taught me alot of growing up when I was young & becoming a young women. If your dad could have done it again I think he would have been there for you & your silbings But one thing I do know Uncle Donnis was a father to us all that knew him very well. He was very closed to my mother Carolyn & The day that My son Matthew called me @ work late that night it was a Weds I was to be going to LA to work that night I was so numbed I did'nt know what to do I thought my son was joking to me I told Matt I will call you when I can pull over my car I had just pulled out of the parking lot @ work.We never saw Uncle Cremete he wanted to be buried but I will tell you that story another time.

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